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Dress like you have something to say

Riccardo Tisci

DV Style Approach


The image in the world of work that in private life is increasingly important, being the business card that influences the behavior that others have towards us: for this reason, taking care of our style and appearance is a fundamental step to become authoritative and incisive at work and increase our fascination in private life.

The image is above all communication and concerns both the care of themselves, both the care and the research of detail, not neglecting personal tastes and comfort. The image must mirror the individual without shaping it, making it feel at ease. Being elegant means making choices inspired by our taste and developing our unique and personal style. Being elegant nowadays means above all being authentic.

Authenticity requires a certain degree of determination, constancy, knowledge of oneself and the ability to express one’s identity with an appropriate style. Nobody intends to be considered part of a predefined category. All of us, without exception, want to be seen as unique individuals. To transmit a positive message of uniqueness and authenticity to those around us, it is essential to be satisfied and confident of our image.

The aim of the Style therapy project is to structure an activity reserved for its customers and dedicated, in fact, to the “well-being of one’s own image” and to help you get your maximum potential.

Fashion passes Style remain


Dajana’s Story


The beginning

Everything started as a child. I remember that every weekend I would visit my grandmother, who was a high-fashion dressmaker, and she would create just  for me, 4 or 5 new dresses each time, which she managed to do by using the scraps of extra cloth. That’s why, since I was a child, thanks to my grandmother,

Searching style

I had an incredible wardrobe at my disposal. So much so that, some years later, when the teachers at school asked my mother the merits and faults of their daughter, she replied that  I was a child who did not give any problems, but with the only habit of changing dresses even ten times in a single day, and each time with the precise choice of accessories. In short, even then this was my great passion.

As a woman

Later, when this passion became my job, I continued with the same joy and enthusiasm.

I have always loved “fashion”, but my research was focused on, above all, on “style”, which I have always considered the fundamental factor in

DV STYLE can help you




You’ll be confident enough to decide for yourself if You feel ‘YOU enough’ in something that’s outside the box. You’ll love seeing new possibilities in types/styles of clothing that used to seem out of tour league. Truly, You will feel like a new woman and now You’re going to realize that this has been a very wise investment.

Welcome to Dv Style !

Your smart approach to style

No matter your weight, your size and stays true over the years as you and your personal evolve.  Un like in magazine, here theme are no trends, no boxes you need to fit into and NO MUST HAVES.

It’s a recipe to feel more like yourself. The doors to Dv Style are opened and you’re welcome!