Personal Shopping with Dajana

Together we begin to create the perfect wardrobe for your lifestyle and goal.

 Following the wardrobe session we will undertake pre shopping research and

plan your personal shopping session in advance, so our time together is spent wisely. 

The first session is usually for a full day. 

We will go shopping together and you will:

  • Try brands and styles that you may have previously overlooked or disregarded.
  • We will guide you to the choice of bags, shoes and key accessories for a successful total look
  • We will guide you to strategic clothing choices based on your strengths and weaknesses
  • We will choose fabrics and colors that enhance your physical and chromatic characteristics
  • Enjoy shopping as the usual stresses are taken care of, with items pre selected for you, enabling a relaxing experience.
  • Learn new tips and get advice on how to shop, and what brands work for your lifestyle and personal style.
  • Go home with an considered, authentic, stylish, effortless and wearable wardrobe! 

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