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Fashion & Style

So what is fashion? And where can we draw elements of style?  In this session we will imitate important fashion phases in history and the fundamental difference between fashion and style.

Color analysis

Used for years by Hollywood stylists, Armocromia is the first essential step in image consulting.

Identifying your personal palette is fundamental in the choice of clothes and accessories, but also of hair and make up.

Body shape analysis

 This module is a deep focus on the forms, both those of the body and those of the face.

With an analytical method, the bases of image counseling will be explored:

from anthropometric measurements to the identification of Body Shape and Facial Shape;

from the harmonious study of proportions to the management of the main problems of the figure.

A complete guide to the choice and combination of: clothes, accessories, glasses, hairstyle and much more .

Wardrobe analysis & shopping – We will understand the importance of having a functional wardrobe, how to organize it and how to ‘get more done with the less’ How to do from today onwards shopping inteligence and no longer have to say:’ I have nothing more to put on “

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Shopping In this session we deepen the pillars of the trade: to recognize and enhance the customer’s style with the most advanced international tests; schedule a professional shopping session; manage the customer’s wardrobe with method.  In addition, the Shopping and Wardrobe module provides a practical and dynamic exercise in boutiques.

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Through the empathic listening and the personalized analysis, it is possible to study the harmonic image of the client, starting from the ABC of Style and Image Consulting:

  • Accentuate the strengths

  • Balance the proportions

  • Disguise the weak points

Through the combined sessions of beauty, personal shopping and wardrobe planning, we offer bespoke service that defines a new style that reflects the individual and adapts to his personality, communicating a sense of elegance and self-confidence for a total look of success.


News: from 2019

We're based in Milan and also in Belgrad!


You’ll be confident enough to decide for yourself if You feel ‘YOU enough’ in something that’s outside the box. You’ll love seeing new possibilities in types/styles of clothing that used to seem out of tour league. Truly, You will feel like a new woman and now You’re going to realize that this has been a very wise investment.

Welcome to Dv Style !

Your smart approach to style

No matter your weight, your size and stays true over the years as you and your personal evolve.  Un like in magazine, here theme are no trends, no boxes you need to fit into and NO MUST HAVES.

It’s a recipe to feel more like yourself. The doors to Dv Style are opened and you’re welcome!